It's terrible, so terrible!!!

No, not this - this is wonderful! Carolyn sent me these goodies as part of the CraftyMama's swap. Thank you Carolyn, I love it.
Now for the terrrible, terrible news (waits for hushed silence..) My washing machine, my long time friend and ally has given up on me. I'll admit that as my family has grown, so has the work load, but this is totally uncalled for. The words "newer", "bigger" and especially "better" have been floating around. The handwashing was a novelty for a short time, I imagined my ancestors toiling in a similar way (except they had to heat their water too!) and I even turned it into a game for the children (I swear Dame Washalot had an awful existence!) but after an hour my back was aching and I started to feel my time could be better spent. I've already started perusing the catalogues for a replacement (accompanied by the gasps of horror from my son when he sees the prices).

A year's supply of Tim Tams!

I entered the Tim Tam giveaway on behalf of my son and he won!! Is this a good thing, I'm not so sure?! Anyone for a Tim Tam?

Here are some designs I'm loving at the moment. This one is the packaging for some Spanish chocolate, gorgeous stuff it is too. Can you imagine the commercial companies doing anything this artistic?

The cover of the New Directions catalogue that arrived yesterday, it's more like a book than a catalogue, I ordered it for free from the website. Love the cover design.
Blue skies here this morning after the wintery conditions of late, but don't we love all this rain?
God bless you, have a great day.

Our 10 year wedding anniversary

I had to show off these beautiful flowers my husband brought home lastnight, tulips and red roses, my favourite!
We had a lovely evening out to dinner and the baby was exceptionally behaved. The other children didn't mind staying home with a friend either so it was a total success!
I am so grateful that after all this time we still like and love each other and our friendship is stronger than ever.

Nappy/ diaper liner or soaker tutorial

This is so easy you could do it with your eyes closed. I used to use those expensive disposable liners from the supermarket (what are they made from anyway?!) Suddenly something clicked and I started making these. There a 2 methods, one for an overlocker (serger) and one without. The overlocker method is first. You'll need some flannel (I've used an old pair of pyjama pants) and something absorbent (I'm using bamboo here, you can just use a few layers of flannel if you don't have anything else). Cut 3 rectangles. The size is up to you, my flannel pieces measure 10.5 x 5.5 inches. The absorbent material should be about 9.5 x 4.5 inches.

Sandwich the bamboo between the 2 pieces of flannel, with the right sides facing out. Pin all layers together roughly.

Sew a rectangle in the middle, then another one about an inch in from the edges. Overlock the raw seams and you're done! How easy was that?!

Now for the second method.

Lay your bamboo (I've used 2 layers of bamboo here for extra absorbency) on the wrong side of one piece of flannel and pin roughly. Sew the rectangles as for the first method. Now, turn it over so that the right side of the flannel faces out, then place your other piece of flannel on top of this with right sides together.

Sew a seam right around the edge, leaving one short end open. Turn the liner right sides out.

Fold the raw edges of the open end inwards and pin. Top stitch right around the edges and you're finished.

I find washing nappies so much easier now that I use these, the liner gets soiled instead of the whole nappy.

Disclaimer: I was joking about having your eyes closed, please keep your eyes open whilst operating sewing machines!!


The lovely Lady Ophelia tagged me with this. Thank you Ophelia!

The rules are:
-Thank the person who gave you the award.
-Post ten honest facts about yourself.
-Pass the award on to seven others.

So, here we go:

1) I am a "Jack of all trades, master of none". I find it hard to focus on one thing for too long but want to have a go at everything.

2) I am an introvert. I usually avoid social situations.

3) I love God and my religion.

4) I proposed to my husband when I was 17 and he was 16! (He accepted!!)

5) I loathe television, we are a TV free home and intend to stay that way.

6) I'm a "doer", I like to always have something on the go.

7) I used to work as a singer at weddings, hotels, parties, but the late nights became too much. I still miss singing though.

8) I am driven to be creative, I don't feel myself when I can't get to the sketchbook, the sewing machine or just a needle!

9) I'm a pretty plain and ordinary person living a pretty plain and ordinary life, but I know there is great value in what I do (even if I find it hard to remember that at times).

10) Tomorrow is my tenth wedding anniversary! My husband and I are going out for dinner together (accompanied by baby of course) for the first time since our son was born (9 years ago, gasp!!) I'm so excited!

Now, to tag seven others.....

Mia Henry, Willow and Moo, And so, I sew, Mad Quilter, Romi Jade, Sew 2 B Happy and Cherri - Berri.

Another Miss Madeline

I've totally fallen for this pattern and the more you make, the easier it is! I bought this pretty fabric from the clearance table at Spotlight, so all up the dress cost $5 - 6 Aus. dollars! The pattern is available from the Crafty Mama's Shop and as a PDF from You Can Make This.
I'm making one for a little niece now, quick and easy, gotta love that!

Retro Mummy giveaway

Great giveaway at Retro Mummy, but be quick, it ends tonight!

Giveaway at Little Munchkins

A pretty Portobello Pixie dress pattern to win on Little Munchkins!

Drum roll please, the winner is......

Congratulations, I know where to find you without too much trouble!

Thank you again to all her entered, it was really thrilling, definitely my biggest giveaway yet.

This is what it looks like on her....

(See last post)

I'll be back later today to draw the giveaway.

Miss Madeline

I'm so happy to finish a sewing project these days and this was a great one to sew. It's the Miss Madeline Dress pattern, I bought mine here. This is a size 2, but there are an assortment of sizes.
This is my kind of pattern, simple design and construction with maximum effect.

Do you recognise the fabric? I won it on Cherri's giveaway some time ago. The waistband is a Tanya Whelan fabric. I lined the dress with a pale pink lawn.
My model wasn't available at the time of writing, I believe she had a tough morning on the catwalk and is sleeping it off. She will be surprised to wake and find this little number waiting for her.

OK, today is absoloutely the last day to enter the giveaway!
The winner will be drawn and notified tomorrow.

Until then.......

The dream

When I was 13 I had a dream that I would grow up to marry a famous rock star, in fact, in this little fantasy land I was a famous singer too. I could hold my imaginary audience captivated for hours. I can see you smiling, I know I'm not the only one who had that hope! 20 years and a family later I am happily married, and although he may not be famous, he is a star to me and the children.
So, what now?
I still have many dreams but this time around they're a little more realistic and some may even be achievable.
I dream of living in the country in a big old house with rambling and productive gardens. (There is no drought in my dream!)
I dream of knitting needles and embroidery before a quietly crackling wood stove.
I dream of running a successful design and craft business from home and being able to share my skills with others.
I dream of land where the children can run in freedom and safety.
I dream of many animals, vegetable gardens and quiet, simple and happily productive living.

Sounds idyllic, doesn't it? Well, who says dreams can't come true - I live in hope.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Last week for the giveaway, it ends on Saturday. I'm so excited to see so many entrants, my brain is buzzing with ideas for a Christmas giveaway now.

Another Antonia top

Successfully completed!
I know, she looks a little concerned, but she really loves it. This is my second Antonia top and was so much easier than the first now that I'm past the language barrier.

So I thought I'd give some tips if you're planning to make one.
1. The instructions in English can be found here, pretty much essential if you don't speak German!

2. I added length to the top as it runs a little short.

3. The sleeves run a little long, you may want to shorten them a bit.

4. I had no success with their way of sewing the neckline, I ended up stretching the neckline in as I normally would. I've also found that tacking the neckband onto the neckline first really helps with accuracy.

5. This is a great pattern for using up small amounts of knit, especially if you use the patchwork sleeves option.

6. If you have trouble, go to CraftyMamas for help, I get heaps of help there! (I also bought all the fabric for this top there).

Have a terrific weekend, we're heading to the farm tomorrow for one of the girl's (4th) birthday, she's having a little party with her cousins. See you in a few days!


I'm so glad that Spring is here, how I love it! The garden is blooming with many varieties, here is the first sparaxis.

My Mum used to call these " pigface ", I don't know the real name. We had many of these on the farm when I was a child.

Love the vibrant colours of the gazania.

A curious but content onlooker.

The giveaway is still running, have you entered yet?

A thing of beauty is a joy forever...

And a sleeping babe is a heavenly masterpiece.

Well, they're pretty cute when awake too!

Remember my Clean Corner Challenge? Before.....

After! Very satisfying.

A big welcome to all new followers and readers, I'm so happy to have you here. I'm gradually making my way around your blogs, bear with me if I haven't visited you yet, I'll get there!

My husband, my hero

He made a delicious prawn laksa for us - on Father's Day!

New fabric from the clearance table at Spotlight, I'm seeing summer dresses.
By the way, can anyone enlighten me as to why my photo uploads suddenly have an artistic mind of their own? (See strange grey areas at the bottom of pictures)

I'm starting a new challenge for myself to be known as the Clean Corner Challenge. As I have been somewhat distracted by a very small but very loud being, some aspects of our home have started to slide. That's a diplomatic way of saying it's a horrible mess and I must do something!
That something has to be small, given my limited time, so I will start with one corner at a time, beginning today. I'll be back with pics tomorrow.

Whether you have a new baby, a demanding job, illness, or your home is just a mess, join me in making a start, one corner at a time.

p.s. I should have mentioned on the giveaway post, if you are already a follower you are automatically entered.


The time has come for little Milly to find a home. She has received plenty of attention in my shop but is tired of waiting for someone to buy her, she is ready to be loved and played with! She is, of course, an original design and made in the waldorf style with lovely cotton tricot, wool felt, mohair yarn and is stuffed with clean carded wool. Her clothes are removable. She is 8 inches tall.

If you would like to enter please:

1. Leave a comment and become a follower of this blog.

2. Blog about this giveaway with a link to this site. (I'll be checking!)

Milly doesn't mind travelling, so this giveaway is open to all earthly residents.
I'll draw the winner in 2 weeks time.

One word of warning - Milly has button jointed arms and long hair, so is not really suitable for little ones.

Best of luck!!


I'm so pleased to have another doll finished. It seems so long since I made one, I'd almost forgotten the enjoyment it brings me.

This is Ginger. She is 16 inches tall and available in my Etsy shop now.

I'm back!

And I have a new internet plan so hopefully that won't happen again.
So, what have I been up to? Well, this guy I made as part of a Crafty Mamas swap, in my typical fashion I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the things I sent.

He was made from all recycled materials except for his clean wool stuffing. Note the wedding photo in the background!

I was lucky enough to win this pretty fabric on Corrine's blog, I plan to make a little summer dress for one of the girls, I'm looking for the right pattern.

My first attempt at needle felting (its a dog, not a bear!). Many thanks to Marie for her guidance. Like most things, it was a little more difficult than I thought, but I have many plans for more needle felting. Practice makes perfect!

Today I'm working on a new doll - its been a long time, I lost my doll mojo there for a while, but its back with a vengeance, I'm really enjoying making this one and can't wait to finish and list her in the shop.

See you soon!

Make do and make a start

I thought I'd share with you a little reality check today. It is easy for us to imagine that people we see on social media, on websites...