Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's terrible, so terrible!!!

No, not this - this is wonderful! Carolyn sent me these goodies as part of the CraftyMama's swap. Thank you Carolyn, I love it.
Now for the terrrible, terrible news (waits for hushed silence..) My washing machine, my long time friend and ally has given up on me. I'll admit that as my family has grown, so has the work load, but this is totally uncalled for. The words "newer", "bigger" and especially "better" have been floating around. The handwashing was a novelty for a short time, I imagined my ancestors toiling in a similar way (except they had to heat their water too!) and I even turned it into a game for the children (I swear Dame Washalot had an awful existence!) but after an hour my back was aching and I started to feel my time could be better spent. I've already started perusing the catalogues for a replacement (accompanied by the gasps of horror from my son when he sees the prices).


Aussie Therese said...

we have a front loader which is a bit hard on your back but I love everything else about it. When we do the laundry renovation, I am going to get my husband to put the machine on a stand so that it is at my hight.

zofia said...

I know the feeling, but am managing to run my broken lidded machine with a cork!!!

Antique Rose Designs said...

What are you waiting for get to the shops tomorrow first thing and buy one. One thing I could not live without is my washing machine it's like losing a limb when it breaks down. Happy washing. Carol