What is krokbragd?

Krokbragd has captivated my weaving heart and mind ever since I first laid eyes on it. So, what is it? And how is it pronounced?!

Krokbragd is a twill weave structure that originated in Sweden. It is woven on 3 shafts and is weft faced (meaning the weft is dominant, covering most of the warp).  It is pronounced "croak-brod".

This weave structure produces bold and colourful patterns. The actual weaving sequence does not change, so the patterns are formed by changing colours. It's quite magical!

The more you experiment with krokbragd, the more you feel that the possibilities are really endless.

Because the weft is packed in, krokbragd produces a dense, heavy fabric. Historically, in Scandinavia, items with this structure were mainly heavy duty pieces such as chair and travel cushions as well as for warmth in the form of bed coverings. It was also used artistically, mainly for wallhangings. It is likely that some wallhangings served a double purpose of keeping the home more cosy, as hangings were sometimes used as door coverings to keep out cold draughts.

If you find this weave structure as fascinating as I do, you may want to visit my free krokbragd tutorials for the rigid heddle loom on Youtube.

Start with the beginner's video here.
From there, you can find your way to the other videos that will help you build on the technique using a heddle rod.

Last year, I wove some samples with 2 heddles for a class I intended to complete for my Online Weaving School. Well, life got in the way, and the class didn't happen, but it's definitely on my list for this year, I'll keep you posted on that one!


Lauralbriar said...

I have tried to do this a few times, never with any success I have to say - not sure what I do wrong, but I obviously don't get it - lol. REALLY would love it if you could do a lesson for this! I will be very much looking forward to finally getting it right!
Sami Martel

Charlotte DesRoches said...

I am really looking forward to it!!! But you already know that...lol

Annette Lancaster said...

I would definitely like to do this using two Heddles. And I would also be interested in a class on it with the three Heddles on a floor loom in the future. Like you, I am fascinated by this type of weaving.

Marjan said...

Thanks to your video's I have been weaving krokbragd a few times and I really like it! Now I only have to think about how to use the woven parts instead of only looking to them and touching them (but only that is also great 😊).
Greeting out of Holland.

Kelly Casanova said...

Yes, I'm aware of that Charlotte :D

Betsy said...

Looks beautiful Kelly. What will you make with the cloth?

Kelly Casanova said...

It's just for sampling to refer back to Betsy :)

Unknown said...

Another generous gift from you...to all of us, but it feels offered only to me!!! Thank you. This will be so much fun...just in time, cuz my RHL is naked in front of my eyes. celeste in California.

Anonymous said...

Am I correct in the assumption that in order to pack the weft down more closely, the warp must be at a higher tension? Cuz boy, I could do that fairly easily with my rapid warp rigid heddle loom. I can crank up the tension pretty high.

Can you refer me to any sources on the history of this style of weaving? How far back does Krokbragd go? When did it first start appearing? Was it used for clothing at all?

Herbalsheila in Missouri USA

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