My husband, my hero

He made a delicious prawn laksa for us - on Father's Day!

New fabric from the clearance table at Spotlight, I'm seeing summer dresses.
By the way, can anyone enlighten me as to why my photo uploads suddenly have an artistic mind of their own? (See strange grey areas at the bottom of pictures)

I'm starting a new challenge for myself to be known as the Clean Corner Challenge. As I have been somewhat distracted by a very small but very loud being, some aspects of our home have started to slide. That's a diplomatic way of saying it's a horrible mess and I must do something!
That something has to be small, given my limited time, so I will start with one corner at a time, beginning today. I'll be back with pics tomorrow.

Whether you have a new baby, a demanding job, illness, or your home is just a mess, join me in making a start, one corner at a time.

p.s. I should have mentioned on the giveaway post, if you are already a follower you are automatically entered.

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