Another Antonia top

Successfully completed!
I know, she looks a little concerned, but she really loves it. This is my second Antonia top and was so much easier than the first now that I'm past the language barrier.

So I thought I'd give some tips if you're planning to make one.
1. The instructions in English can be found here, pretty much essential if you don't speak German!

2. I added length to the top as it runs a little short.

3. The sleeves run a little long, you may want to shorten them a bit.

4. I had no success with their way of sewing the neckline, I ended up stretching the neckline in as I normally would. I've also found that tacking the neckband onto the neckline first really helps with accuracy.

5. This is a great pattern for using up small amounts of knit, especially if you use the patchwork sleeves option.

6. If you have trouble, go to CraftyMamas for help, I get heaps of help there! (I also bought all the fabric for this top there).

Have a terrific weekend, we're heading to the farm tomorrow for one of the girl's (4th) birthday, she's having a little party with her cousins. See you in a few days!


cherri said...

Very nice - the colours are pretty.

Antique Rose Designs said...

The top looks so cute you did a great job. Take care Carol

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