Giveaway winners announced....

Winners of my embroidery pattern are:

Quilary                Forest Dweller                    Amme

Congrats to you all - your pattern will be flying towards you via cyberspace shortly - and thanks to all who entered. The pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

Amme - I don't have any contact details for you, could you please email me?


One of my dresses is featured in a lovely collage here.

Waldorf Window Stars

 Ann really inspires me with her paper stars and I have been meaning to make some with the children for ages. I finally got around to ordering some kite paper from Winterwood (it's not easy to find in Australia).

I followed the tutorial here which is very clear and easy to follow.

The children enjoyed making something so pretty and our windows are brighter and cheerful. Now all I need is this book to make some more detailed ones!

My Creative Space

Feels like Autumn. My favourite time of year. The garden is so inspiring right now.

We have some different varieties of pumpkin this year thanks to The Lost Seed

The begonia flower is so pretty and delicate.

Mad tree - climbing pumpkin vines.

Walls of morning glory.

Plump and shiny little tomatoes that the children love to pop in their mouths.

Can't you just smell the aroma of pumpkin soup?

In case you're wondering - they're gourds! Funny, aren't they?

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for my new embroidery pattern - it ends tomorrow!

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Ojo de Dios weaving

The children and I did some weaving today. These are called "Ojo de Dios" or "God's Eyes" and are a great quick and achievable project for kids. It also gives you the chance to sneak in a little history and Spanish lesson as well.

We hung ours as window decorations.

I got carried away with the hypnotic rhythm of it all and did this large one on bamboo sticks from the garden. I used some of Nell's beautiful wool which I think is a perfect showcase for such fabulous wool!

We followed instructions here.

A new pattern and a giveaway!

My first ever embroidery pattern is now available! 

The pattern is in the form of a pdf download and includes instructions, tips and recommendations.

To celebrate I'm giving away 3 patterns to 3 lucky readers.

Simply leave a comment here telling me what you love about embroidery to be entered in the draw. If you have not yet attempted embroidery (and I highly encourage you to!) leave a comment telling me what you think you would love about it.

Winners will be drawn on Friday and if you can't wait until then the pattern is in my Etsy shop now! 

Self worth

I've been struggling with this for quite some time now and it's getting worse.
Last year I had a job interview for the first time in many years and was struck by this realisation: I don't believe in myself anymore. In my darker times I think of myself as a loser! The one who never made anything of herself.

I don't know how this happened. But I do know it goes hand in hand with being a "housewife" (for want of better word). I shouldn't feel like this. I have a loving and encouraging husband. My children love me and depend on me.
It is so important to me that as my children grow and develop they have the belief that they can reach great heights and nothing within reason is out of reach. Am I conveying that to them when my own self worth has dwindled to next to nothing?

When I was performing I sang to rooms of people on a regular basis. I wasn't phased. I knew I was good. People liked to hear me sing. It was a great feeling.
Now I find that I'm constantly trying but getting nowhere - I guess that I feel I no longer have anything to offer. I'm naturally a creative person and find it difficult that I'm unable to make a living from that creativity - I have that silly feeling that money = success.

I'm not sure why I'm writing this. Letting off steam helps a little. And I would love to hear from anyone who finds themselves in the same situation or has been through it. I hope it doesn't sound like a "will someone please feel sorry for me?" post - that isn't my intention.

Thanks for listening :)

New fabric in the shop!

This is the first time I've offered hand dyed fabric in my shop to give customers the option of deciding what they would like to make!

I used different strengths of black and red and the shibori technique to achieve this tribal pattern.

The fabric is cotton lawn which is perfect for a girly skirt or perhaps a cool table runner!
In the shop now.


I've always had a bit of a thing for miniatures and doll houses. One of my crafty aims in life is to construct a beautiful multi storey dollhouse and hand make every last thing that goes in it! Considering I have 3 young girls I may have to wait until they leave home, or perhaps I could do a smaller scale "play" house as practice!

A lovely memory from my childhood is my Dad finding an old dollhouse that had belonged to one of his sisters in an old unused shed on the farm. He cleaned and painted it for me and I thought it was the most wonderful thing on earth - 2 storey and the front of the house opened and closed with a little latch. When we left the farm almost everything got sold and I think my dollhouse was among the things that went.

A little search on Etsy lead me to these wonderful discoveries:

Mixed Berry Pie in 1/6th Scale

Mixed Berry Pie in 1/6th scale by puttering

Alaska Red Clay Miniatures

Alaska Red Clay Miniatures by FunkydevazVintage

Fairy Ring,  6 Little Mushrooms, Toadstools for Your Planters or Terrariums

Fairy Ring from WarmCountryMeadows

Springtime miniature dollhouse bedspread yellow blue purple

Springtime miniature dollhouse bedspread by Pugcentric

Dollhouse Miniature 1/12 Scale Yum Cha BBQ Pork Bun in Steam Basket

Yum Cha BBQ Pork Bun in Steam Basket 1/12th scale from luluminiatures

Handmade Miniature Wooden Chair

Handmade Miniature wooden chair by ShopHotHouse

Miniature Pet Dolls 1/12th scale

Miniature Pet 1/12th scale by firbreheart

What do you think? Aren't miniatures just awesome?!

Been painting

I love painting silk. It's fun, it's relaxing and it can be as random or planned as you want.

This silk scarf is in my Etsy shop now.

I painted red and light black ripples then salted heavily with rock salt to get the patterns. A bit bolder than my usual colours - my husband liked this one.

SOLD - Thank you Mary Jo!

Silk ribbon flower tutorial

These make a great embellishment and are so delicate and pretty.

I've used some 1 inch wide silk ribbon which I handpainted. It's a good idea to have 1 metre though you shouldn't need that much - it depends how many petals you want.

I've used white homespun. Silk ribbon looks extra wonderful on silk fabric.

You will need a large needle (mine is a chenille needle) with a large eye.

Draw an approximately one inch circle in either disappearing or water erasing pen.
Inside this circle, draw a much smaller circle.

Because the ribbon is 1 inch thickness you will need to make some holes in the fabric in order to pull it through. If you have an awl, use that - I've used a kitchen skewer which also works fine.
Make one hole on your inner circle and one on the outer as shown.

Pull the needle and ribbon through from the back.

Loop back to the inner circle hole and make another hole right next to the first one. Take the needle through this second hole to the back. 

Now bring the needle up through the outer circle hole you made before. Pull the ribbon through. Make another hole near your outer circle hole and take the needle down through it to the back.
If you're having trouble understanding it may be helpful to google "lazy daisy stitch".

This is your first petal!

Continue around the circle in this fashion, doing as many petals as will fit (generally 5).
Adjust your petals and "plump" them with your fingers as you go.

Sew a bead or button in the middle and voila!

I'm featured!

On the Schooling at Home Etsians group blog today, where I'm also a contributor. Have a look here!Visit Our Shops

My Creative Space

I'm working on my first ever embroidery pattern for my Etsy shop. It's a little bit cutesy, a little bit whimsical and slightly melancholy.

I'm trying to get my stitches as close to perfect as possible. That takes time!

Then there's part 2 of my waldorf doll tutorial to complete, I really must get on to that.

Happy creating to you! If you need some inspiration today look no further than these other wonderful Creative Spaces.

It's impossible...

To get an 18 month old to stand still for an outdoor photo shoot. Especially when Mum has made a new outfit to show off.

A toddler has such purpose to her/his stride!

There's the camera - quick! Run in the opposite direction!!

Oh, the outfit - Farbenmix Antonia top and some basic 3/4 baggy leggings. All fabrics from the Crafty Mamas shop.


Actually, I really enjoyed cleaning up my sewing space. I came across projects and ideas I had forgotten and feel I can now focus on what I need to do next.

I finished a wool felt horse that had been sitting for I don't know how long. Usually if I start making something I've designed and it's not going according to my "vision" it gets abandoned. Must get over that.

I have so many materials and ideas and now I feel inspired to get stuck into it. I went through my sketch books (how long is it since I indulged in the luxury of drawing?) and designs (hey brain, remember all those plans you had to release your embroidery designs - they're all there, still waiting!)
Today I have some princesses requiring some new tops and shorts so that will be my starting point.

Happy sewing, crafting, doing!

My Creative Space

Is a shambles! I'm here today to inspire you (really!) to not let your creative space get like this!!

Or this!!

So - my main "creative" aim for today is to try to achieve some semblance of order so that I can walk through this room without cringing and can look forward to sitting at this table again - even look forward to finding what I need when I need it!

For other much cleaner and prettier creative spaces take a peek here.

Make do and make a start

I thought I'd share with you a little reality check today. It is easy for us to imagine that people we see on social media, on websites...