Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Creative Space

Feels like Autumn. My favourite time of year. The garden is so inspiring right now.

We have some different varieties of pumpkin this year thanks to The Lost Seed

The begonia flower is so pretty and delicate.

Mad tree - climbing pumpkin vines.

Walls of morning glory.

Plump and shiny little tomatoes that the children love to pop in their mouths.

Can't you just smell the aroma of pumpkin soup?

In case you're wondering - they're gourds! Funny, aren't they?

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Bugalugs aka Jacqui said...

I love pumpkin! You're garden looks beautiful!

Leslie said...

I love the photos! I'm ready for a change of weather and those made my day.

Rosalind said...

Thank you! We are growing tomatoes - not sure if they are cherry toms or not? hubby bought the seeds!

michelle said...

thanks for the garden our. lovely. i too love autumn

Sarah said...

Wow, most impressed with your pumpkins and gourds. Really want to have a go at growing them in my little patch this year, although unfortunately we don't have the weather like you do!!

Michelle said...

Your garden looks fantastic. We are patiently waiting for our apples to ripen (and hoping we get some before the birds and bugs get them all). It will be the first year we have had apples since we moved here.

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Looks so lush and lovely

I Saw You Dancing said...

What a stunning garden! I love the way you've captured the last of the Summer sun.
That pumpkin would make a fine contribution to the chocolate/pumpkin/ginger brownies featured in this month's Frankie magazine. Yummmmm. :-)

fairchildstreet said...

nothing better than home grown. Charmaine

baukje said...

I love the morning glory, here it bloomss only when summer is hot. The color is so real blue . Your begonia flowers are also very nice.

Becky said...

Your garden is looking wonderful! I had pumpkin fail when the cow got in and ate them :(

I love the cow so it is hard to stay grumpy about it for too long.!