Actually, I really enjoyed cleaning up my sewing space. I came across projects and ideas I had forgotten and feel I can now focus on what I need to do next.

I finished a wool felt horse that had been sitting for I don't know how long. Usually if I start making something I've designed and it's not going according to my "vision" it gets abandoned. Must get over that.

I have so many materials and ideas and now I feel inspired to get stuck into it. I went through my sketch books (how long is it since I indulged in the luxury of drawing?) and designs (hey brain, remember all those plans you had to release your embroidery designs - they're all there, still waiting!)
Today I have some princesses requiring some new tops and shorts so that will be my starting point.

Happy sewing, crafting, doing!


Clarinda said...

I envy your craft space! Mine is the dining room table which gets packed away after each use. Some days the thought of getting everything out snuffs my mojo.

earthboysblog said...

Your little horse is so very cute, oh it's so easy for our creative space to become disorganized. My husband tells me all the time it's needs some re-arranging.

tinsenpup said...

I love the little horse. I think often I get the best results from things that haven't gone according to my 'vision'.

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