The GIVEAWAY winner is............


Courtesy of my son, who drew a name out of a hat (he requested that I make the fact known).

Its hot again

Very hot. I received a parcel from Beary Cheap today and am so eager to start, but its too hot to be making bears! I'm really pleased with the fabric I got, I usually like to use best quality or natural materials but I went for synthetic fur just because its so much cheaper and I'm relatively inexperienced in this craft. Anyway, the synthetic is so soft it drew oohs and aaahs from the children. Can't wait to start.
So yesterdays top temperature was 43.9 Celsius and its 43 now!! I think I've had enough of it, but husband says "its not hot, just warm". I don't agree. He feels the cold more, I feel the heat.

I'm drawing the giveaway tomorrow, so if you haven't entered yet - HURRY UP!

Oh, the heat!!

I was up early this morning, watering the gardening and getting as much done as possible before the heat set in. It was truly wonderful to have some quiet time to myself with the children all still asleep, its something I rarely get. I also made dinner early to eat cold this evening so things are really under control for a change.
The first morning of back to (home) school went exceptionally well with spelling, maths and social studies for the boy and tracing, drawing and mazes for young dd. Little'un was sick yesterday but seems her normal, happy self today.
It was 38 degrees yesterday, 41 for today, 43 forecast for tomorrow. We have spent the past couple of weeks looking into all our air conditioning options which has led to the decision that we can't afford it at this time, so its another summer of jealously listening to the roar of neighbour's airconditioners while we swelter. Ah well, its been 14 years without, I guess I can go a few more.

I don't intend to use the sewing machine this week, but the creative juices are still... trickling, and I've been sketching up some embroidery and bear designs for when it gets cooler. I've treated myself to the latest Homespun magazine as there is not much else to do when its so hot.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway which ends Saturday. If you're a fellow Australian I hope you're staying cool!


Hand embroidered homespun with a silky maroon border and backing, this cushion cover hot off the sewing machine measures 36 x 36cm. It has a flap back for easy insertion of the cushion. The giveaway is just for the cover, you will need your own insert (available at Spotlight for a few dollars or you can make your own with calico and polyfil). For a chance to win leave a comment. Winner will be drawn randomly next Saturday 31st January (the end of January already?!)


The sunflowers are showing their lovely faces.

Thank goodness we are having some reprieve from the murderous heat with a milder day today. So far we've been to the playground, read aloud (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again!), laundry work, baths, grey water dispersal, bed changes, bathroom cleans - you can get so much more done when it isn't hot.

I haven't forgotten my promise of a giveaway, its just that things have been moving slowly around here lately. Lastnight I spent time doing up some sketches for stitcheries which I haven't done for a while, so we'll see what I can produce from that.

Velvet pouch doll

I'm really into these pouch dolls of late, they're so snuggly and cute. This one is going into the Etsy shop.
I'm working on a new waldorf type design that I'm very enthusiastic about but requires a lot of planning and thought. It will also use some materials I haven't used before, so I have more to learn.
Its really warm here today and not much happening after Mass this morning. We're planning a trip to the beach tomorrow as its supposed to be hot.

Wool felt rabbit

Here is what I came up with yesterday, I would make changes to the pattern if I make any more. The kids were competing over who was to be the new owner, but the boy won out. Unfortunately the rabbit was declared "too stiff" for snuggling in bed with!

I've been checking out the Duggar's website, this family has inspired me for a long time, truly wondrous.

I hope you enjoy your weekend in peace and joy. God bless you all.

Emmeline apron

Here it is, it took me forever to get on to it but my sister will finally get her Christmas present! I wholeheartedly recommend this pattern, it came together beautifully and looks fabulous. You can get it here but I purchased mine from the Crafty Mamas Shop.
Lastnight I drew up a bunny rabbit design for some of my wool felt, so I hope to get time to work on one today. I'm a little in between with projects, not really knowing what to do next. My dilemma is - I want to continue making waldorf dolls but my profit margin is so slim its not really worth the time and effort put in. I don't know whether people will still buy them if I raise the prices. I think I'll make a couple more, put them in the Etsy shop for a higher price and see what happens. On a regular sized doll I usually make $20 - 30 for about 15 hours work. And my time is limited.
Something I've wanted to do for a long time is make some bears as collectables so one of my aims for this year is to make a bear that I consider good enough to enter into a competition. Fingers crossed, we'll see how I go!


This custom dolly is safely on her way to her new home, so hopefully the new owner won't mind me posting these pics. I
made a little wool felt ted to go along with her.

This morning I made some fresh bread as the weather was cool. We then took sandwiches to the local gardens and had a picnic in
the shade of a weeping willow next to a pond. Besides the usual
struggle to keep the young'un in one place, it
was lovely. We also stopped in at the small secondhand book store

there and bought a few children's books, which the older ones are now
poring over on the couch.

I've had a bad week but yesterday and today are feeling a little more
normal, the heat exacerbates the nausea so cooler days provide relief. I'm working on the Emmeline apron for my sister's Christmas present (yeh, a little late, I know!) and its nearly finished. I'm sorely tempted to keep it for myself, but I'll make another.

Knitted pouch doll

What a blurry photo! I just finished this little doll tonight, she is so cute! She is a pouch doll with a knitted body and hat. I used some beautiful organic Victorian wool for the knitting, it is so good to use. I'm giving her to 18 month old daughter (no hair, so she can't pull it all out!)

Little Theresa

Here she is as promised. She is the first doll I've given a fringe (bangs if you're not an Aussie) and it looks quite cute. I gave her freckles too. She is 9 inches tall and going to reside in my Etsy shop today.

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