This custom dolly is safely on her way to her new home, so hopefully the new owner won't mind me posting these pics. I
made a little wool felt ted to go along with her.

This morning I made some fresh bread as the weather was cool. We then took sandwiches to the local gardens and had a picnic in
the shade of a weeping willow next to a pond. Besides the usual
struggle to keep the young'un in one place, it
was lovely. We also stopped in at the small secondhand book store

there and bought a few children's books, which the older ones are now
poring over on the couch.

I've had a bad week but yesterday and today are feeling a little more
normal, the heat exacerbates the nausea so cooler days provide relief. I'm working on the Emmeline apron for my sister's Christmas present (yeh, a little late, I know!) and its nearly finished. I'm sorely tempted to keep it for myself, but I'll make another.

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Chrisy said...

Oh she's lovely...the colors are perfect...and the teddy adds that extra touch...

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