Emmeline apron

Here it is, it took me forever to get on to it but my sister will finally get her Christmas present! I wholeheartedly recommend this pattern, it came together beautifully and looks fabulous. You can get it here but I purchased mine from the Crafty Mamas Shop.
Lastnight I drew up a bunny rabbit design for some of my wool felt, so I hope to get time to work on one today. I'm a little in between with projects, not really knowing what to do next. My dilemma is - I want to continue making waldorf dolls but my profit margin is so slim its not really worth the time and effort put in. I don't know whether people will still buy them if I raise the prices. I think I'll make a couple more, put them in the Etsy shop for a higher price and see what happens. On a regular sized doll I usually make $20 - 30 for about 15 hours work. And my time is limited.
Something I've wanted to do for a long time is make some bears as collectables so one of my aims for this year is to make a bear that I consider good enough to enter into a competition. Fingers crossed, we'll see how I go!

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