We're back!

Where are all your stunning holiday photos I hear you ask?
Well, things didn't go exactly according to plan. Getting the tent up was time consuming but fine. The problem was the weather. It rained. It blew gale force winds. It was freezing cold. It even hailed!!!
So our first tent expedition was a miserable failure, as you can imagine with 3 young children, a tent and terrible weather there isn't alot you can do. We were constantly walking back and forth to the toilet blocks. We are so glad to be home!
We spent one night at my Uncle's Bed and Breakfast, which was really lovely, especially a hot spa and beautiful, big, comfortable beds.
While we were away the chooks got out and wreaked havoc in the garden, all the corn, beans and other vegetables have been chewed right down and they've scratched dirt and plants up everywhere.
Today we're resting and unpacking and thinking we might have had a better holiday if we'd stayed home!

Bye for now

We're going away tomorrow for over a week for a well earned break at our favourite seaside destination. It will be interesting to see how we go in our new tent (we haven't even tried putting it up yet!) The weather isn't looking too promising but as long is it doesn't bucket down, which is highly unlikely, we should be fine. Its our first holiday in 2 years so we're really looking forward to it. My husband has a lot of fishing to catch up on!
So... the Etsy shop is closed while I'm away. I'm looking forward to making some new dolls when we return. I'm in the mood to make some cute little ones, I always prefer making small items to large.
Whatever you're doing over the next week I hope its wonderfully inspiring and joyful!


I always love finishing a doll and moving on to a new one. Meg is going in the Etsy shop.

Today is Saturday

I just realised I have 100 posts on here now, makes me think its nearly time for another giveaway. Hmm, I'll have to set my mind to that one.

I went to a craft market this morning, it was interesting but not overly impressive. Once you know how to sew and craft yourself it really changes the way you look at the things people make to sell. I can't help thinking "I could make that so easily!" and generally find the standard of work medium to low. On the other hand, some stalls are of a very high standard. I guess it would be different if you were attending craft markets in a wealthy suburb, of which my suburb is certainly not and shoppers tend to look for bargains.

I've put the link for Little Jenny Wren here before, but I think it deserves another printing. Not only are her dolls magnificent, her blog very interesting and her surroundings beautiful - she is also a really nice person!
I said a prayer for you today
And know God must have heard,
I felt the answer in my heart
Although He spoke no word!

I didn't ask for wealth or fame
(I knew you wouldn't mind).
I asked Him to send treasures
Of a far more lasting kind!

I asked that He'd be near you
At the start of each new day;
To grant your health and blessings
And friends to share your way!

I asked for happiness for you
In all things great and small.
But it was for His loving care
I prayed the most of all!

- Author unknown


Meet Hannah! She was a real labour of love and took the best part of a week to fully complete, but she turned out wonderfully. She is
made with the usual natural materials and the wool used to knit her hat and scarf were locally produced in Victoria. She is 18 inches tall. Definately my favourite so far! She is in the Etsy shop now.
SOLD - Thankyou!

Baking Monday

Congratulations to Kylie, the winner of the Crafty Mamas October competition. She crocheted a cute tea cosy.

This morning was perfect for baking so I made bread and fruit buns. Its cool here today with a little rain. I will be going out shortly to plant beans while its not too dry.

Cloth doll making tips

Here are a few tips that might help you out if you're a beginner:

1. Do an internet search on the type of doll you're interested in to get ideas and hints and an idea of materials you might need.

2. Use good quality materials if you can afford to. If you're scared you might mess up the first one or two, try making them out of inexpensive calico or something similar first.

3. Use small machine stitches when sewing up the body, I set my stitch length to number 2.

4. I find it much easier to fold the fabric in half, draw the body design on, then sew and cut out last. This way you can control the pieces more readily and can get really fine seams when you cut it out.

5. Draw the outlines for the body on with a dark pencil so you can be precise when sewing.

6. For sewing tight curves I use the rule of stitch, stitch, turn. For larger curves the rule is stitch, stitch, stitch, turn. Leave the machine needle down in the fabric whilst turning, and make the turn gradual, not sharp.

7. Take your time to make your doll, rushing or stressing is not enjoyable.

8. If you find yoursef getting frustrated with any aspect of your doll, leave it for a while. You will have a fresh perspective when you come back to it.

Any questions? Well, I'm still learning more all the time, but ask anything you like and I'll try to answer.

On my sewing table today....

Besides the sprawling mess I have 2 dolls I'm working on. I haven't started their outfits yet but have knitted a doll scarf and will do a matching hat with my lovely rainbow wool. Also have a top from sewing class to hem. The dolls take up a lot of time but are so rewarding.
Whatever you're doing on this Saturday I hope you are relaxed and happy.
God bless.

Make do and make a start

I thought I'd share with you a little reality check today. It is easy for us to imagine that people we see on social media, on websites...