We're back!

Where are all your stunning holiday photos I hear you ask?
Well, things didn't go exactly according to plan. Getting the tent up was time consuming but fine. The problem was the weather. It rained. It blew gale force winds. It was freezing cold. It even hailed!!!
So our first tent expedition was a miserable failure, as you can imagine with 3 young children, a tent and terrible weather there isn't alot you can do. We were constantly walking back and forth to the toilet blocks. We are so glad to be home!
We spent one night at my Uncle's Bed and Breakfast, which was really lovely, especially a hot spa and beautiful, big, comfortable beds.
While we were away the chooks got out and wreaked havoc in the garden, all the corn, beans and other vegetables have been chewed right down and they've scratched dirt and plants up everywhere.
Today we're resting and unpacking and thinking we might have had a better holiday if we'd stayed home!

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