Today is Saturday

I just realised I have 100 posts on here now, makes me think its nearly time for another giveaway. Hmm, I'll have to set my mind to that one.

I went to a craft market this morning, it was interesting but not overly impressive. Once you know how to sew and craft yourself it really changes the way you look at the things people make to sell. I can't help thinking "I could make that so easily!" and generally find the standard of work medium to low. On the other hand, some stalls are of a very high standard. I guess it would be different if you were attending craft markets in a wealthy suburb, of which my suburb is certainly not and shoppers tend to look for bargains.

I've put the link for Little Jenny Wren here before, but I think it deserves another printing. Not only are her dolls magnificent, her blog very interesting and her surroundings beautiful - she is also a really nice person!

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