Bite your tongue Mum.

"You are such a naughty child!"

"Sometimes I wonder whether you will ever learn anything!"

"Are you kidding me, you tipped it over again?!"

"What is wrong with you?!"

"You have ruined my day!"

"Why can't you be like your brother/sister?"

"You make me so angry!"

Gosh, aren't they nasty statements? 

Well, I've thought of all of these, quite regularly in fact. The worst part is I've even said some of them to my children. 

It's really hard to not verbalise these thoughts sometimes. But I look upon it like this. I'm storing up treasures. These treasures are especially for my children. Each time I bite my tongue is a little victory. Yes, for me, but so much for them.

They may not know about your interior struggle but they will remember your words. 5, 10, 20, how ever many years down the track, they will remember your words and how you made them feel.
I know this. You know this.

Is it time for you to start storing some treasure too?

Madam Tickleberry's tea party

The little one and I had some special time alone recently - a rare occasion. I decided we needed to do something really fun.

I can't tell you how much she loved this. The letter in the cubby house mailbox, dressing up, the character changes, the secret preparations and then the fun of decorating and eating!

There were no rules, I just gave her the biscuits, different colours of icing and some lollies. No, the biscuits aren't home baked but it was way too hot for baking.

Perfect to enjoy with a milk shake at the end.

We polished off our special time with a very long Enid Blyton reading session with no interruptions from other children, she had all my attention. She loved it.

It's not an easy task, particularly if you have a large family, to allow one on one time, but I feel it's something really worthwhile. You get to spend time with one child, they get your full attention (a real novelty in this house!) and you enjoy each other's company in a way that feels really special, it's like a mini retreat!

Clasped weft table runner

More of a table centre piece, it doesn't quite have the length of a runner. This is the piece I wove for my recent rigid heddle clasped weft video tutorial.

I dyed the cottons specifically for this project. I wanted a good contrast between the variegated rainbow and the blues.

I love the clasped weft technique, the finished product and the process of randomly incorporating lengths of colour.

I hemstitched whilst on the loom so that the piece would sit flat on the table.

If you like this piece as much as I do it is available to purchase in my Etsy shop. And if you want to give the technique a go yourself please take the time to watch my video, it's not as scary as it looks!

Knitted kitty

Isn't it funny how you can put a project aside for a while and it becomes difficult to pick it up again? I started this kitty last year, got the head and body finished and then just didn't feel like picking it up again.

Over Christmas the weather was very warm and I was very tired. The whole family was tired. So we spent quite a bit of time watching movies and documentaries together and keeping things quiet. I get restless hands if I just sit and watch something, so it was the perfect time to pick up a bit of knitting.

It didn't take me long to power through the rest of the pieces, and when she was finished I felt she needed a dress, so got straight onto the sewing machine, no pattern, no fussing around (no excuses!) and whipped up the dress in no time.

She's pretty cute without the dress too :)

She was promptly gifted to my 8 year old because she is the only one who doesn't have a knitted toy from me yet. They now share the same bed and kitty is never far away, yes, she loves her!

Now for the pattern details - Girl Cat by Little Cotton Rabbits. If you are not too confident with knitting, these patterns are really great, step by step, lots of photos, very well written. Most of the patterns come with instructions for knitted clothes and the designer has plenty of other gorgeous little animals to choose from.

Make do and make a start

I thought I'd share with you a little reality check today. It is easy for us to imagine that people we see on social media, on websites...