Saturday, January 23, 2016

Madam Tickleberry's tea party

The little one and I had some special time alone recently - a rare occasion. I decided we needed to do something really fun.

I can't tell you how much she loved this. The letter in the cubby house mailbox, dressing up, the character changes, the secret preparations and then the fun of decorating and eating!

There were no rules, I just gave her the biscuits, different colours of icing and some lollies. No, the biscuits aren't home baked but it was way too hot for baking.

Perfect to enjoy with a milk shake at the end.

We polished off our special time with a very long Enid Blyton reading session with no interruptions from other children, she had all my attention. She loved it.

It's not an easy task, particularly if you have a large family, to allow one on one time, but I feel it's something really worthwhile. You get to spend time with one child, they get your full attention (a real novelty in this house!) and you enjoy each other's company in a way that feels really special, it's like a mini retreat!


Vicky said...

This looks like so much fun, Kelly, and easy to organise. I sometimes find myself spending more one on one time with the older children and my teenage daughter is the one who cooks with the younger ones. Reading times and DVD times have become one on one times for any age, though. On weekends, we usually snuggle into bed together with a book or a portable DVD player, or we just chat. We call it 'going off to relax together.'

The photos are lovely with all the colourful lollies and icing, Kelly, and your little girl looks so sweet :-)

Nanna Chel said...

Your little girl looks like she just loved having time with Mum, Kelly. I am sure Mum enjoyed it just as much too. ;-)

sharine said...

It looks like a lovely time was had by all. We are in the middle of The Naughiest School Girl at the moment. The girls love Enid Blyton:)

Kelly Casanova said...

Vicky, it's so lovely to hear from you, thank you for stopping by!

Kelly Casanova said...

Nanna Chel, I sure did :)

Kelly Casanova said...

Sharine, my eldest daughter is reading through that series again at the moment, she loves it too. I don't know how many times she has read them now! Her younger sisters love Enid Blyton stories too.