Knitted kitty

Isn't it funny how you can put a project aside for a while and it becomes difficult to pick it up again? I started this kitty last year, got the head and body finished and then just didn't feel like picking it up again.

Over Christmas the weather was very warm and I was very tired. The whole family was tired. So we spent quite a bit of time watching movies and documentaries together and keeping things quiet. I get restless hands if I just sit and watch something, so it was the perfect time to pick up a bit of knitting.

It didn't take me long to power through the rest of the pieces, and when she was finished I felt she needed a dress, so got straight onto the sewing machine, no pattern, no fussing around (no excuses!) and whipped up the dress in no time.

She's pretty cute without the dress too :)

She was promptly gifted to my 8 year old because she is the only one who doesn't have a knitted toy from me yet. They now share the same bed and kitty is never far away, yes, she loves her!

Now for the pattern details - Girl Cat by Little Cotton Rabbits. If you are not too confident with knitting, these patterns are really great, step by step, lots of photos, very well written. Most of the patterns come with instructions for knitted clothes and the designer has plenty of other gorgeous little animals to choose from.


Sue Elvis said...


I find it hard to return to unfinished projects too. I also like to keep my hands busy while watching movies. I've been thinking about hunting out the hooded cape I never finished knitting last year. Now is the perfect time to work on it, so it will be ready for Gemma-Rose to wear when the cold weather arrives.

I love your knitted kitty. You are right: She is very cute! I also love your photos, especially the one of your beautiful daughter. The way you have captured her eyes is magnificent.

Kelly Casanova said...

Summer seems a funny time to knit, but the cooler days are good for relaxing and knitting in preparation for Autumn and Winter which seem to come on so quickly! The hooded cape sounds lovely, I hope you find the inspiration to finish it.
Thanks for your positive feedback of my photos, it's much appreciated :) said...

This knitted kitty is super cute! Looking through your blog I'm amazed what a beautiful things you make. I'm really in love with all the stuff!

Linda Marie said...

I love to knit as well! I am currently knitting winter hats using up stash yarn I've had for about 20 years! The yarn I am using for a beret I am making is the yarn I used in a sweater for my son when he was about 4 years old. He is now 21!

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