Custom waldorf softie doll

Recently I had a request for a softie doll from a customer who had previously purchased one for her niece. Apparently, the doll was so well loved that another was wanted. We decided to make a "sister" for the first doll and I just happened to have enough of this cute green mushroom fabric left to keep the mushroom theme going.

Here is the original. I think they make great sisters and I hope that the new doll will be as well loved as the old :)

If you like this style of doll I have 2 tutorials on how to make your own. The first tutorial is here and the second is here.

Oh, and a reminder that the 500 likes celebration giveaway is still running - you can win some lovely hand dyed yarn by entering here.

1 comment:

sharine said...

They will look so sweet together:)

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