3 ways to save money today - Volume 7

I know, it's been a while! Today my tips are related to online shopping. Online shopping is a great blessing to me, it's not exactly easy to shop with 4 youngsters in tow and it means I have access to specialty items and books that I wouldn't be able to get in shops near me. It's also an easy way to shop around and compare prices, all from the comfort of home.

1. Weekend and holiday sales. Many online retailers will have big sales on long weekends, holidays or other celebration days (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day etc). It can be worth waiting on an item you want in order to get free shipping or a percentage off sale, the savings can be huge!

2. Sign up to newsletters. You don't want junk mail bombarding your email box every day, so just sign up to online retailers that you have already used or are likely to use. This way you will get special offers (some monthly, some weekly and some daily). It's another way to be aware of sales before they happen and you can plan your spending accordingly.

3. Here is a tip that will work with some and not with others. One time I was making an online purchase, I was interrupted and consequently forgot about having put an item in my cart. A little while later I received an email from the company notifying me that I hadn't completed a transaction and offered me a voucher to complete the purchase! Of course, I used it and saved money. 
Another possibility is to do a google search for coupons - sometime you will come across coupon codes for sales you wouldn't have known about otherwise.

Happy Shopping!

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