Oriental brick purse handbag

Yes, I've named this bag the Oriental brick purse handbag which sounds a bit nuts but there is a reason! Firstly, I'm really bad with naming things. Pets (the cat is named "Kitty", the chickens are "the chooks") or bags, or other inanimate objects - I'm just poor with names.

Secondly, this bag was designed to fit my purse, which I've dubbed "the brick" due to it's immense size. It seems the day I went shopping for a new purse after the old one died, the shops were only selling huge ones, so I lucked out. And the bright red and black print is the oriental print from the print studio.

So, the purse fits perfectly with a little room leftover for a couple of tissues, a prayer book, keys or some other small essentials. The design is fairly basic with a magnetic closure and no pockets and a long strap to wear across the body, which is just how I wanted it.

I'm learning a lot about the design and construction of bags and of course the best way to learn is by doing!

Husband had a new lino design to try out, so I got him to print it onto a lovely little piece of linen I had and made it up into a pincushion. I love the way it looks! Simple, rustic, classy!

Can you believe he drew this design and then actually carved it out of a piece of lino, he just amazes me with what he can do with some lino and carving tools!

Spring in the garden

I couldn't resist getting out in the garden with the camera in between rain showers this morning.

When Spring arrives I feel it really is my favourite season.
Then when it comes to Autumn I say the same. I guess I can't decide.

Husband was out planting seeds yesterday when it was very warm and windy and the timing turned out  perfectly with the cool and showery day today.

Can't you just smell that orange blossom?

I hope you're having a wonderful day, whatever the season in your part of the world may be.

From the print studio

Some experiments that turned out pretty well!

Hand dyed homespun with husband's lino prints. Looks kinda oriental don't you think? I like this one so much I'm going to make myself a bag with it :)

Hand dyed cotton lawn with linocut prints. Pretty.

Not sure I like black prints on the blue here, but it was an experiment after all!

 I finally finished this UFO. I did the Maisy in wool felt and embroidery over a year ago to go with the quilt and hadn't gotten around to making it up into a cushion.

It always feels great to finish something you started.

My littlest girl loves having a matching cushion for her quilt!

It was easy to do too - just traced the picture from a Maisy picturebook, cut out all the separate pieces and traced them on to wool felt. Things like the stripes on the pants, whiskers and bicycle spokes were embroidered.

Clothes sewing!

For husband, a Jalie Men's top with 2 sleeve option. Really easy to make with really good result. I used black Stella and for the contrast sleeve stripey Hilco, both from Crafty Mamas.

For me, a Diane Kimono dress from Serendipity Studio. I purchased the pattern from Earthgirl Fabrics.
This was sort of a test one - I used inexpensive broadcloth which has turned out a little stiff, but altogether I'm fairly happy with the dress and look forward to making the next one out of a lighter fabric.

You'll have to excuse my makeupless face :)
You can't see the finer details of the dress here but it has a drawstring waist and crossover bodice. I had some sizing issues (Medium bust, small waist, extra large hips!) so my next one will go down a size in the bodice, the skirt size is just how I like it.

One of the main reasons I took up sewing was to make and repair clothes for my family, so it's great when I actually have the time (and the fabric!) to do so, it's really so very satisfying :)

Gossamer Dreams tonight!

Gossamer Dreams opens tonight 8pm but you can head over and preview everything that will be available right now!
A little advice - if you see something you like, be prepared to be there just before 8pm so you're ready when it opens. A lot of my items sold in the first 10 minutes last time I was a guest so you have to be quick!

Happy shopping and thanks for your support :)

A birthday outfit and some more sneakies...

My first girl turns 7 today (whoa, where did that time go?!)
I can't tell you how difficult it is to make a surprise outfit for someone who is always home when I am, but I managed and it's beautiful and a perfect fit :)

For the dress I used one of my fast becoming favourite patterns - Mareen from Cinderella Zwergen mode. A beautifully easy pattern that is simple in design and showcases special fabrics really well. Oh, and if you like the woodland fabric, it's Lillestoff available here.

And for the Gossamer Dreams stocking here are some more sneak peeks of my items.

Gossamer Dreams opens on Saturday at 8pm so be sure to mark it on your calendar, there is just so much to choose from this month!

Sneak peeks and a winner!

I can now reveal that I have a guest spot at Gossamer Dreams for September and that is why I've been so quiet!

The theme has already been revealed but I wonder if there are any guesses as to what I've made :) I'm very excited with the new direction my creative work has taken.

Better late than never, I've drawn the winner of my cloth pad prize draw and the winner is Rachel!
Congratulations Rachel, I hope you enjoy your new goodies.

More sneaky peeks to come, stay tuned!

Make do and make a start

I thought I'd share with you a little reality check today. It is easy for us to imagine that people we see on social media, on websites...