Clothes sewing!

For husband, a Jalie Men's top with 2 sleeve option. Really easy to make with really good result. I used black Stella and for the contrast sleeve stripey Hilco, both from Crafty Mamas.

For me, a Diane Kimono dress from Serendipity Studio. I purchased the pattern from Earthgirl Fabrics.
This was sort of a test one - I used inexpensive broadcloth which has turned out a little stiff, but altogether I'm fairly happy with the dress and look forward to making the next one out of a lighter fabric.

You'll have to excuse my makeupless face :)
You can't see the finer details of the dress here but it has a drawstring waist and crossover bodice. I had some sizing issues (Medium bust, small waist, extra large hips!) so my next one will go down a size in the bodice, the skirt size is just how I like it.

One of the main reasons I took up sewing was to make and repair clothes for my family, so it's great when I actually have the time (and the fabric!) to do so, it's really so very satisfying :)

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Nell said...

Lovely dress Kel. I find that I am fine sewing for the kids but always feel funny when I wear stuff I've made? I'm thinking that might have to be my challenge for 2013 - get comfy wearing my own sewn clothes!
Hope you are having a great week!

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