Sunday, September 23, 2012

From the print studio

Some experiments that turned out pretty well!

Hand dyed homespun with husband's lino prints. Looks kinda oriental don't you think? I like this one so much I'm going to make myself a bag with it :)

Hand dyed cotton lawn with linocut prints. Pretty.

Not sure I like black prints on the blue here, but it was an experiment after all!

 I finally finished this UFO. I did the Maisy in wool felt and embroidery over a year ago to go with the quilt and hadn't gotten around to making it up into a cushion.

It always feels great to finish something you started.

My littlest girl loves having a matching cushion for her quilt!

It was easy to do too - just traced the picture from a Maisy picturebook, cut out all the separate pieces and traced them on to wool felt. Things like the stripes on the pants, whiskers and bicycle spokes were embroidered.

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