Thursday, September 13, 2012

A birthday outfit and some more sneakies...

My first girl turns 7 today (whoa, where did that time go?!)
I can't tell you how difficult it is to make a surprise outfit for someone who is always home when I am, but I managed and it's beautiful and a perfect fit :)

For the dress I used one of my fast becoming favourite patterns - Mareen from Cinderella Zwergen mode. A beautifully easy pattern that is simple in design and showcases special fabrics really well. Oh, and if you like the woodland fabric, it's Lillestoff available here.

And for the Gossamer Dreams stocking here are some more sneak peeks of my items.

Gossamer Dreams opens on Saturday at 8pm so be sure to mark it on your calendar, there is just so much to choose from this month!


baukje said...

How happy she looks in her new dress!!!!

Marie said...

Happy birthday to your DD. Awesome dress.

The SPANGLER said...

The dress looks gorgeous and your little one looks mighty pleased too!
It's amazing and scary and wonderful all wrapped up together to have those moments of wonder at just how fast they grow up!