Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Bonnie Babes parcel

Finally ready to go!  For anyone who doesn't know, Bonnie Babes is an organisation that provides support to families who have lost babies either due to miscarriage or stillbirth. A while ago I asked for fabric and other material donations on the Crafty Mamas forum and received many parcels of generosity. I still have heaps left over, so I'll be able to make many more burial gowns and blankets. Many thanks to all who have donated!

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Nell said...

They look so beautiful! I used to make bobbin lace for the bottom of the little smocked gowns years ago (pre-children!) It feels so satisfying to know that you are doing something to help someone else through a dark time. Good on you!

nocton4 said...

As a Mama who lost her little love at birth in 2005, I thank you .. these wonderful gifts will help ease the pain, touch a heart and give a hug when the World seems so full of despair.
love and respect to you xx

Karen said...

These are so beautiful. I have a friend who lost two of her triplets at birth and have been thinking of doing a post about making something to donate to parents in this unthinkable position of burying a child.

CIEL said...

They're amazing... What a wonderful creation!