Buying scondhand

I have another purchase to add to my secondhand list for this year. My old and cheap vacuum cleaner went out in spectacular fashion last week with a flash that shorted out the entire house. This left me with some anxiety (4 kids, carpet, no vacuum, gasp!!)

So yesterday I brought home a Wertheim with a power head and all attachments. The new model of this cleaner retails for about $1500 - the one that I bought secondhand has been re built and has a new motor for a price of $500.

We've spent a bit of time running around the carpet with it and are amazed (and a little disgusted) at how much dirt and dust the new machine lifts.

Secondhand price $130

New price $ 1500

Saving $1000 (!!!)

Total savings tally for 2010 -   $1, 320

Hey, don't forget the giveaway (click on the button on the sidebar). I'll be back later today to draw the random winner.


m.e (Cathie) said...

wow, great saving!
we don't even have carpet but I could never live without a vacuum cleaner. whenever the kids make a mess I just say thank goodness for the vacuum cleaner, so I definitely know how you feel.
happy Friday to you ♥

CIEL said...

I love second hand... you just gotta be sure of what you're buying.. +D

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