Woven poncho finished

So, the poncho is finished! The hand dyed combined with baby pink yarn worked perfectly.

The yarn is all 8ply, which gives a lovely, light, yet warm feel to the garment.

At this point my little model decided that Mum had really taken enough photographs already.

We escalated into silliness.

And you know you're pretty much done when it gets to this point!

Anyway, I'm super happy with how the poncho came out, it was a big experiment for me as I made the design from scratch. Now the question is whether to make more for the Etsy shop, what do you think?


Sue Elvis said...

Oh my! The poncho is gorgeous! (So is your little model!) It seemed like only yesterday you were telling us you were weaving it, and now today it's finished. Was it really that quick to make? I've made hardly any progress on my knitted hooded cape while you've been so industrious. You said you are a slow knitter. I go at tortoise pace!

Kelly Casanova said...

It didn't take nearly as long as I expected, I'm not sure why, maybe I'm a faster weaver than I used to be! The good thing about weaving is you can warp one day and weave the next, sort of split it into stages.
Thanks for your kinds and enthusiastic comments :)

Evelyn Hender said...

It's beautiful!

sharine said...

It came out beautifully and have one awesome little model there:)

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