Only half way?!

It's a little bit sobering to spend hours on a project and only be half way through. I don't know what I was expecting, but weaving a 3.5 metre in 4ply takes a really long time! Now I really hope the project works out as I envisioned! 
I begin to think that more than one loom is a really super idea, I have more projects I want to get on with! 
Anyway, here is a work in progress shot of the looooong project. 
Hopefully I'll be back before too long to show you the finished project.


Sue Elvis said...


This project might feel like it's taking a long time, but I bet you will feel very satisfied when it's finished. Your weaving is so fine and even. Beautiful! I wonder if this is a poncho for you!

Kelly Casanova said...

I'm sure it will be worth it and it's not often that I make something for myself. You're thinking along the right lines with the poncho - perhaps I could say a poncho with a twist!

Gill - That British Woman said...

this will be a blast from the past for you. It's Gill in Canada, do you remember me? Someone posted on one of my old posts and there was a comment from you. Looking forward to catching up with you. I started knitting a couple of months ago. Love the poncho in the prior post.

Kelly Casanova said...

Of course I remember you Gill, right back to the Crafty Mama days :) Lovely to hear from you again, thanks for visiting!

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