The first week of Advent

I love Advent, it's a time of much hope, promise and renewal of faith. It's also an opportunity to change the home environment in preparation for Christmas and I find our home becomes joyfully active!

We invited some friends for an Advent craft morning during the week and it was a great success. I thought I would share with you some of the activities we did.

These little nativity silhouette jars worked a treat and are easy and cost effective to make.

All you need is a jar with a lid and a battery operated candle to fit inside. I got my supplies at an Asian discount store. You can choose what to put on the outside of the jar to create the silhouette. One of my girls cut out the letters for Jesus, another one cut a nativity scene out of card stock and another printed the nativity scene from here, coloured it in and glued it on. You can add ribbon, stars or whatever you like just by glueing or tying on the extras.

Another activity we did was saint ornaments for the tree. We don't have a tree yet, so they're just hanging for now. I neglected to take a photo of our friend's ornaments, but here are some of ours. I bought the PDF for this activity from Catholic Icing and it's well worth the few dollars spent.

During the week my 9 year old daughter (who loves to draw but mostly within her comfort zone) did a video tutorial by Shoo Rayner for drawing a gingerbread house. Shoo has heaps of great tutorials for drawing and has a relaxed, humorous style. My daughter was reluctant to try the tutorial, so I said I was going to do it myself - pretty soon she had her drawing pad out and was immersed in the activity. Her drawing turned out better than mine! (Mine is on the left). 

I wonder what Advent fun we will get up to next week?


Nanna Chel said...

Lots of fun by the looks of it, Kelly. I love the silhouette jars. I might make some with my granddaughters.

Kelly Casanova said...

You should Chel, they are really easy and lots of fun!

Sue Elvis said...


I love candles. The silhouette jars are so beautiful. I haven't bought electrical candles before. They are great safe idea. I shall look in our local discount store!

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