I submitted my fifth assignment during the week for the photography course I'm doing and am happy to say that I'm powering along, soon I'll be to the half way mark. 

This was a challenging "low key" image. I'm loving trying new things with the camera.

We have had so much rain over the past week that the garden is like a different space now. It's so great to be going into Summer with a green garden and full rain tank.

The vegetable garden is an assortment of things mostly grown from seed. Tomatoes are coming and we just ate some of the first dwarf beans today, good stuff!


Sue Elvis said...


You garden is so lush and green! Are you on tank water? Or perhaps you just have a tank for the garden? Your photos are so impressive. It's hard for me to decide which I like best. Perhaps the first one because the scene is so interesting. I like the depth of field you achieved.

Kelly Casanova said...

Sue, we have a tank just for the garden.
The first photo was taken at one of the Puffing Billy train stations, they are so vintage and delightful :)

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