Woven lap blanket

A lot of the things I make by hand are a labour of love these days and this blanket definitely falls into that category!
This was my first double weave project on the rigid heddle loom. A brief explanation: The loom usually has one heddle to weave cloth a certain width and in a single layer. Add a double heddle kit (giving you now two heddles instead of one) and you can weave double the width of cloth. The idea of this really appealed to me, as my loom is 60cm wide which is not wide enough for a blanket.

Well, what a steep learning curve! There is not a lot of information about double weave available and it took me a long time (hours in fact) to get the loom warped (normally takes 20 - 30 minutes) and getting all the heddles threaded was a strain on my back. Did I mention my back injury has flared up again? Anyway, once I got to the actual weaving I encountered more issues and re-started twice before I felt comfortable with what I was doing.
The weaving took a long time too. When I finished and took it off the loom I found a lot of floats (threads that didn't catch in the weaving pattern and so just "float" on the surface of the work) on the underside which was disappointing - they don't look good and take a potentially professional looking piece to a somewhat amateur piece. 
The story ends well. The blanket isn't what I hoped it would be but it was an excellent learning exercise (not to mention one in patience!) and it's a terrifically warm and cosy lap blanket that has been used nearly every day. Success? Sort of!

The specs in case you're a weaver - 
10ply woollen yarn (didn't record the amount, silly me)
7.5 dpi
60cm Ashford rigid heddle loom

Will I make another blanket? Oh yes I will! Will it be double weave? Oh no it won't! It will be panels which I will join - I know the seams will show but it has to be easier than double weave!

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Brienne Moody said...

The blanket is so beautiful! I'd love to learn to weave one day. How inspiring!

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Brienne, yes, weaving is a beautiful art :)

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