Curtains and spinning

I loved this colourway from the moment I unwrapped it after steaming. I started by spinning a single, then also did a single of black that I had dyed.

I plyed the coloured single with the black and it just popped straight away!

The end result is this gorgeously soft and squishy and dynamic skein, I can't tell you how much I love it. My goal in learning to spin was to be able to spin something like this, so I'm very happy! I only wish I had 3 times the amount of yarn to weave into a shawl.

Another creative project I've been busy with is the makeover of my 14 year old son's curtains. The little kiddy curtains that were old and faded have needed to be replaced for years but I was more than a little bit apprehensive about tackling curtains for the first time. 

The best way to get my brain around the fabric amount I would need was to measure the existing curtains and add the allowances. This worked out really well, except they are a little shorter than I would have liked. I learned a lot making these. The new fabric was a lot heavier and stiffer than the former curtains, so next time I would sew weights into the hem. I also found this fabric a little bulky at the top, and have purchased some extra curtain rings to try and even that out. 
I bought the fabric at 40% off - these would have cost a fortune to make otherwise, so it's really worth waiting for a sale for a project like this.
Overall, I'm really happy with how the curtains look. The only trouble now is his bedspread looks faded, so it might be time for a new one of those too :)


Sue Elvis said...


The yarn is such a gorgeous colour. Will you be able to spin some more the same colour so you can make your shawl? I hope so because I think it will look wonderful!

The curtains make such a difference to the look of the room. I bet your son is very pleased. I don't think my sons would notice new curtains but yours may be much more observant!

Nanna Chel said...

Kelly, I love the yarn. What a lovely colour. You have done well with sewing the curtains.

Kelly's hand woven, perfectly hemmed technique.

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