I could never do that.

Then you probably never will!

So often I am asked about the various art and crafts I do. People want to know - "how do you find the time", "Is it hard?" "Does it take a long time" or "You must be really talented!"

I don't find the time, I make the time. This stuff is really important to me. So I make the time.

Is it hard? Most things are at the least quite challenging to begin with and become easy or easier over time. I have found most things are worth the effort.

Time? Yes, it takes time, just like watching the television for hours each night does. I know how I prefer to spend my time.

No, I'm not particularly talented. I just love what I do and make the time to do it. I research, I read, I watch tutorials, I talk to others who can help me to learn. This part of the process is so enjoyable!

If there is something you find interesting and would like to learn, instead of letting those defeating words of "I could never do that" slip out, how about changing it to "I'd love to learn that!"

Trust me, you can do it!


Nanna Chel said...

Wise words, Kelly.

sharine said...

I agree 100% and find it hard to sit down at night time without something in my hands :)

Sue Elvis said...


Oh yes, if we really want to do something we certainly can. I love the learning process. I find it exciting, gaining knowledge bit by bit and conquering new skills.

"You must be really talented"... I do believe you are talented, Kelly. Yes, we could all learn to dye yarn etc but you have vision, a remarkable artistic eye.

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