Completed cardi and more spinning!

Hooray, the cardigan is finally done! And it's perfect, there is room to grow and she is just so warm in it. It's hard to believe this little sweetie is turning 5 on Sunday, can't I wind back the clock just a little? 

I knit this with my hand dyed 8ply merino. The buttons are from Buttons by Benji, and though it's hard to see from the photo, they are totally gorgeous. The pattern is "Annie" by Tikki.

On the wheel currently is my "By the shores of Lake Violet" colour way on merino roving. Loving these colours!

And here is an idea of what it looks like randomly spun and plyed. 


Sue Elvis said...


I had a look at the button website. Beautiful! I shall remember to visit again next time I need buttons. It is really difficult to buy special buttons where we live. Handmade cardigans deserve a special finishing touch.

I hope your daughter has a happy birthday. She looks so gorgeous in her new cardigan!

Kelly Casanova said...

Thanks for your kind comments Sue :)
There have been times where I have actually spent more on the buttons than the garment itself - if I get some really cheap fabric for example. I do love beautiful buttons!

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