Brrr, it's cold!

Yes, Winter is well and truly here but thankfully I have many activities to keep busy and warm. This is my last handspun skein.

I used my hand dyed "Mixed Berry" roving and employed the fractal spinning technique and it worked out beautifully!

The garden has slowed down but we are harvesting all those lovely winter veg now. Our son and I (so lovely to have a kitchen helper!) cooked up a big pot of garden harvested veggie soup with barley tonight.

And garlic bread made from scratch was the perfect accompaniment.

This is my newest colour way, now in the Etsy shop.

And I dyed some of that gorgeous First Edition roving in the same colour way. This is now on my spinning wheel and looking splendid.

So, Winter isn't all cold hands and noses, there are many delightful things about it too :)

What about you. Cool weather? Or warm?


Sue Elvis said...


I like the in between seasons, not too hot and not too cold! I do love the early mornings in summer before the heat of the day. And yes, it's sometimes good to stay inside when it's cold and spend time with handicrafts or books. Something good about all weathers, I suppose!

I am a failure when it comes to gardening. I bet your home grown vegetable soup was delicious!

Kelly Casanova said...

I agree, the in between seasons are wonderful.

No one is a failure at gardening! Even a bit of silver beet or a lettuce or two in a pot is successful gardening :)

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