Fibre, glorious fibre!

With Winter in full swing here it's all about the fibre for me at the moment! I had a go at dyeing roving for the first time. The colours are beautiful (mixed berry I think), but not exactly what I anticipated- there was a lot of residual dye. Some online fibre dyeing friends recommended more vinegar and a longer steaming time. This roving is from Bendigo Woollen Mills.

I've since dyed some more roving, applying the recommendations and it seems much better this time. I'll show you the new roving when it's dry, we're not exactly having the best drying weather here of late.

This is the first bobbin spun from the first roving and I think it's really pretty! I'm trying out a spinning technique called fractal spinning - can't wait to see the results.

I ordered some roving from First Edition Fibres and got the most beautifully soft and fluffy fibre. I think I will spin some of this in this natural colour as well as dyed, wouldn't it make a gorgeous baby blanket?

I'm calling this project my "crazy scarf". I'm using all different bits and pieces of hand dyed and handspun yarn in a somewhat random fashion (similar to the "crazy quilt" technique). Just for fun :)

Anything fibre related happening at your place this weekend?


sharine said...

It all looks so lush. I really need to practice some more on my spindle:)

Kelly Casanova said...

You have a drop spindle Sharine? I've tried using one with not much success, I think the type I have is too big and clunky!

Sue Elvis said...


The crazy scarf is beautiful. I've learnt a new word today: roving. Have you ever thought about keeping a sheep or an alpaca? Then you could be self-sufficient. You are very talented and I love looking at all your photos!

Kelly Casanova said...

Oh Sue, I would love to have a whole flock of sheep or alpacas (or even just one!) but our 720sq metre suburban block would not accommodate I'm afraid. At least I have access to beautiful Australian wool and my brother in law is going to give me a fleece from one of his merinos sometime :)

Sarah Munroe said...

Kelly it all looks divine your so talented. How have your found the fleece from BWM has it been easy to spin? Wondering as I was looking at buying some from there. Will we have the pleasure of buying some hand dyed roving in your Etsy store in the future I will keep my fingers crossed

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you for your always kind words Sarah.
Regarding BWM ready spin - yes, I found it quite easy to spin with a little pre-drafting, though it has a tendency to whiz away from you - it doesn't seem to stick to itself as well as some previous fleece I used.
I've just dyed and dried some of the First Edition roving and will let you know how I go spinning that - it's so gorgeously soft I can't wait to use it!
The price comparison between the 2 is that BWM works out cheaper, mostly because of free post.

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