Beginning spinning

My long term goal to own a spinning wheel came to fruition recently! I bought a second hand "Sleeping Beauty" wheel and she sure is a beauty. She could use some repairs but still spins well enough for now. 

I took some classes with Cathy of Cat and Sparrow Fibres and am so glad that I did. Something that seemed so complicated now makes sense and I'm continually building my spinning knowledge.

This was spun from some commercially prepared and dyed roving.

This skein was spun "in the grease" from a coated fleece and then washed, lovely!

And this one is from the same fleece which I washed first, dyed in two separate lots of pink and blue, spun as singles and then plied together. Interesting.

The last skein I spun that is currently drying is what I would consider a major improvement for me. I'm getting more control over the thickness and general consistency of the yarn I'm producing, which is quite exciting!

One of my main aims for learning to spin is to have a much greater involvement in the fibre items I produce. So, goal number one is to dye and spin enough yarn to weave a scarf with. I'll keep you updated on that project :)

Hand dyed, hand spun and hand woven, sounds fabulous to me!


Sarah Munroe said...

Wow what a nice looking spinning wheel she's a beauty. So glad to see I'm not the only one who spins chunky wool, I have recently joined the weavers & spinners guild & had one lesson of actual spinning wool after the first I had to pull my wheel apart as it was put together back to front. There is just something about hand spun wool. Cant wait to see more of your spinning

Kelly Casanova said...

Thanks Sarah! I agree, there really is something beautiful about handspun :)

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