3 ways to save money today - Volume 8

1. Don't buy cereal.
I've noticed a real drive by cereal companies for us to mimic American culture in our pursuit for cereal. It's really expensive, usually unhealthy and really unnecessary! The only type of cereal I buy on a regular basis is Vita Brits, which I find affordable, nutritious and tasty. Occasionally I buy cereal for the kids for a birthday or treat, but I find the novelty wears off pretty quickly anyway.
Oats are fantastic. If you buy a generic brand they are cheap and really versatile. I've been making my own muesli, toasted and natural for years.
There are so many alternatives to cereal that are healthier and will cost a fraction of the price. Get googling and find some new, simple breakfast dishes.

2. Make your own bread.
Commercial bread is increasing in price constantly. Yes, you can still buy a cheap white loaf for around a dollar but I find these akin to eating fluff, not nice.
It's not hard to make bread. It's a time investment but once you get into a routine it's very do-able. I'd like to say that I fully supply our family with home made bread but I'm not quite there yet. I'm happy to say that most of the time there is homemade bread in the pantry or freezer.
I have quite a few bread recipes right here on my blog:

Apple and Walnut bread
Wholemeal, rye and linseed bread
Spelt, honey and Linseed bread
Honey and Oat bread
My basic bread
My Everyday bread recipe

3. Make your own toilet spray.
We pay a lot of money for the privilege of spraying chemicals around in our home and it's not at all necessary! A small spray bottle, some water and some essential oil that you like the scent of, and you're done. Experiment with quantities of oil to water to get the ratio that suits you. A good essential oil can be a bit of an investment in terms of dollars, but when you consider how long one bottle will last you it's much cheaper than buying a chemical laden spray.


Knit For Life said...

oh I love this Kelly !! Thank you for sharing your efforts. I'll be following along :)

Donna said...

So true! I haven't eaten cereal in years and have been trying to ween my family of it!

Sarah Munroe said...

Great tips here Kelly thanks for sharing. I have started making my won linen spray the same way as your toilet spray & use it all over the house. The lavender one I spray on our pillows before we go to bed

Sue Elvis said...


We only buy Weet-Bix and porridge oats. Most cereals are full of sugar so we avoid them. I hadn't thought about saving money by not buying them but you are so right! I like the sound of your toilet spray. I might try that. Thank you for the idea!

Kelly Casanova said...

Love the sound of lavender spray on pillows Sarah :)

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