Cast on, cast off!

The knitting bug hasn't left me and isn't likely to any time soon. Likewise, the yarn dyeing bug :)
The pattern is Granny's Favourite by Tikki. The yarn is hand dyed by me, merino 8ply.

It's my first attempt at lace knitting, and though I had to enlist a little help from Tas to read the instructions properly, it wasn't hard in the end.

I got some lovely little heart buttons from here.

It's a snug fit on Gem, but luckily her 2 younger sisters will be more than willing to take it off her hands next season :)

I've been working on so much stuff lately it makes me giddy to think of it all! You could say I'm well and truly immersed in everything handmade. There isn't much I can show you yet, but before too long I can reveal what's been taking up my creative time.


Vicky said...

Oh Kelly, you are so inspiring with your creative spirit! This cardigan is just beautiful. Did it take one skein of yarn to make? I always find it hard to know how much yarn I need,

I love the colours of your dyes - they blend so nicely. And, the buttons make a lovely contrast.

God bless, Kelly:-)

The Handmaden said...

This is to fit a 7 year old, so it took a couple of skeins of yarn - I'm not sure exactly how much, but I know had some left over, so probably about 1.5 skeins. Usually pattern instructions are pretty good about giving the amounts of yarn you need.
My general rule (especially with hand dyed) is to have plenty more than you need, the rest can either be used or given away as gifts, or even sold :)

baukje said...

She is wearing it like a queen!!!!! Well done Kelly.

Tas said...

Just beautiful, Kelly. It looks lovely.

Kelly's hand woven, perfectly hemmed technique.

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