I didn't have time...

I didn't have time to finish the ironing today. I didn't have time to clean the toilet. Or to scrub that desperately dirty shower. Or to dust the layers of built up dust. Or to tidy my sewing table. Nope, no time to vacuum out the van either.

But I did have time to do art and craft with the children. I had time to take them to the playground to play in the sun. I had time to make them tasty and wholesome meals. I had time to wash and hand their clothes. I had time to respond to the seemingly endless "watch me Mum!"s and smile and laugh where appropriate. I had lots of time for hugs and kisses.

And the day is not over yet! I will have time to bathe them and wash their hair. We will all pray together. We will read books and snuggle together.

I'm annoyed and disappointed that I didn't have time to do everything that I could have today. But I'm so grateful that I made time to do all the things I should.


Sue Elvis said...


Thank you for the reminder to do the important things first. It sounds like you had a great day today, making lots of happy memories.

Someone once told me it takes the same amount of time to clean up a week's worth of dust as it does cleaning up two weeks' worth... even a month's worth. I know this to be true from experience!

baukje said...

Important things first!!!!! And time with your children is sooooooo important, they will remember that when they are grown up. they don't remember that the toilet was clean!!!!!

Vicky said...

This is such a lovely post, Kelly. In years to come, I expect no-one will remember that the house wasn't perfect, but children do remember the good times together, don't they? When my older children were little, it was difficult to keep the house sparkling but, now that the youngest is three, it's gradually getting easier to fit it all in.

God bless, Kelly:-)

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