Been sewing a little..

The cooler weather brings not only the urge to sew but the necessity as little girls become less little and need new, warm clothes.

This pattern is called Burda kids t-shirt, which seems rather drab to me - it's more of a crossover top. The fabric is a stripy Japanese knit from Spotlight which I was keen to test out. I found it a little slippery under the machine, not too bad, but I prefer the Euro and Australian knits I usually buy. Yes, they're more expensive, but you get what you pay for.
Gem loves the top :)

Funky pants - pattern and beautiful velour fabric both from Crafty Mamas.
The pants were too long, so I cut them off, hemmed them and made a matching headband from the excess.

I have plans for more leggings and long sleeved tops, of, and guess what?! I finished another cardigan, it just has to blocked and buttoned now :)

This has been a bit of a staple breakfast here of late - porridge with maple syrup and double cream. Yum!

Now I'm off to bake my bread and make a large pot of minestrone for dinner. Who says cold weather is dull?!


Sue Elvis said...


I love those funky pants! They'll brighten up any cold winter's day.

Vicky said...

I love the clothes, Kelly! I used to make similar clothes from a magazine called Topkids. It went out of print, a while ago, but I still have a few magazines.

Yes, homemade bread and soup are perfect for this cold weather - we had it for dinner, last night. And, porridge for breakfast, too!

It's so inspirational to see all your lovely creations, Kelly.

God bless:-)

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