How do you do it all? Aka myth busting big time!

The question I am constantly asked is "How do you manage to do it all?" and the answer is so simple.

I don't.

I'm imperfect. And the truth is, I'm probably more imperfect than you.

Just because I'm creative and love to make things doesn't mean I do a better job than anyone else, it just means I prioritise creativity because I love it.

Just because my kids are (thankfully) well behaved in public most of the time doesn't mean they don't squabble amongst themselves often, disobey their parents and tend towards laziness, because, believe me - they do all these things regularly!

Just because my husband and I seem to have a perfect marriage doesn't mean we don't argue and treat each other unfairly at times, because that happens too.

Every time I choose to do something creative it is time that I'm not spending doing something that probably needs to be done. Perhaps my "admirers" are actually better homemakers and mothers than I am because I make the time to do things I want to do and they are more selfless.

So next time you look at someone and think they have it all together just remember that no one is better than another, we are all God's children and all very imperfect.

God bless you all and have a very happy weekend!

I'm linking up with Raising Homemakers today.

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baukje said...

You are right. I think I am as impefect as you. THom is in Holland for a week and I Needed to clean the house, really. But what am I doing.....SEWING more bags for the Christmas market..... The last market was really successful for me so it gave me a lot of inspiration.......And when I feel the inspiration I NEED to follow;.. So the house is a MESS. Thom will arrive on sunday afternoon, so tomorrow morning:CLEANING!!! Have a blessed weekend.

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