Craft container revamp

I tried to paint this wooden container ages ago and never liked how it turned out. It's been holding my paint brushes and knitting needles. Not one to be fond of being reminded of crafty failures I thought I'd try something different. I gave it a couple of coats of Jo Sonja in white.....

Measured out a cute blue spotty fabric (that I've also had for ages), slapped on some Mod Podge, wrapped the fabric around, slapped on some more Mod Podge....

Added some Farbenmix ribbon that I've been harbouring for way too long, and glued on a little quirky sheep button. Now I don't mind seeing it on my shelf!

Mmmm, chocolate cake...

I've been enlisted as chief photographer and editor for my boy's latest Lego project. Sleepyhead needed a bed for this scene, so I made one out of polymer clay and a fabric scrap. The things we do for love.

Hope you're having a great week, God bless. 

Here kitty!

My newest embroidery pattern inspired by a furry friend of mine! Are you a cat person? I am for sure, which is not to say I'm not a dog person, I love dogs too :)

Stitch kitty is available in my Etsy shop as a PDF download for a very reasonable price. I hope you like him!

Thanks are in order to all those who prayed for me after I injured my back, I can now say it is steadily improving with care and exercise. How we take things for granted and don't appreciate the things we have until we lose them. Good health is such a blessing and I need to be more grateful.

Wishing you all the best for a happy and blessed week.

Waldorf plush doll

It's a while since I made a waldorf inspired doll and lastnight I was seized with a longing to craft one.

There is something very special about the waldorf way of making dolls. The materials are a delight to use. The way the character of the doll emerges as you stitch.

Waldorf dolls are probably responsible for igniting my crafting passion, paricularly my love of using beautiful and natural materials and for implementing fine needlework.

A doll like this is perfect for imaginary play and snuggly bedtimes! There were 3 girls looking over my shoulder whilst I was doing the handstitching and dropping not so subtle hints!

Available in my Etsy shop now :)

A pretty dress and a bad back

It's been a difficult week. Everything was ticking along just fine, and then I injured my back and things fell apart a little. It's very hard to run a household when you need to spend most of your time lying or sitting. It's particularly frustrating when you're a "doing" person, I really dislike not being active.
But, these things happen and I have accepted that rest is best. I'm praying for a complete healing - please pray for me too!

So, the dress. It was mostly finished when I hurt my back so I've been able to do the finishing by hand. The pattern is McCall's M5838 and the fabric (which I love!) is from Spotlight. The pattern was too fussy with too many pieces for my liking, but the end result is pretty good, albeit too large for G - nevermind, she will grow into it :)

Now, to the giveaway which was supposed to be drawn during the week! I'm going to extend it until next week in case you didn't get a chance to enter, please do - it's a lovely little book.

See you soon, have a blessed weekend.

Make do and make a start

I thought I'd share with you a little reality check today. It is easy for us to imagine that people we see on social media, on websites...