Friday, February 10, 2012

Waldorf plush doll

It's a while since I made a waldorf inspired doll and lastnight I was seized with a longing to craft one.

There is something very special about the waldorf way of making dolls. The materials are a delight to use. The way the character of the doll emerges as you stitch.

Waldorf dolls are probably responsible for igniting my crafting passion, paricularly my love of using beautiful and natural materials and for implementing fine needlework.

A doll like this is perfect for imaginary play and snuggly bedtimes! There were 3 girls looking over my shoulder whilst I was doing the handstitching and dropping not so subtle hints!

Available in my Etsy shop now :)


Rainbow Made said...

Beautiful dolly Kel!

baukje said...

She is a beauty!!!!!

Lacey said...

i made a little star baby a while ago and i thought it would meet the urge, it's only made it worse--i plan to make one for my baby's 1 year birthday. they are such sweet little things!

BusyBsewBiz BusyBsewBiz said...

You always set such lovely scenes and tell such lovely stories about what you have created. She is gorgeous!

Jeanneke said...

She's adorable.
I made them in all sizes from finger doll, story telling gnome till real size and weight baby doll.
I love them; each and every one looked like my own six children when they were born. Very special...