A pretty dress and a bad back

It's been a difficult week. Everything was ticking along just fine, and then I injured my back and things fell apart a little. It's very hard to run a household when you need to spend most of your time lying or sitting. It's particularly frustrating when you're a "doing" person, I really dislike not being active.
But, these things happen and I have accepted that rest is best. I'm praying for a complete healing - please pray for me too!

So, the dress. It was mostly finished when I hurt my back so I've been able to do the finishing by hand. The pattern is McCall's M5838 and the fabric (which I love!) is from Spotlight. The pattern was too fussy with too many pieces for my liking, but the end result is pretty good, albeit too large for G - nevermind, she will grow into it :)

Now, to the giveaway which was supposed to be drawn during the week! I'm going to extend it until next week in case you didn't get a chance to enter, please do - it's a lovely little book.

See you soon, have a blessed weekend.


Therese said...

will offer some prayers for you this week for healing. The dress is gorgeous and I love the fabric too.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Was. The big guy trying to tell u to slow down ? Healing prayers coming ur way. BTW we got "knotty" he is gorgeous thank you so much. Took a picture last night to blog soon. Take care xxx

Very Verdant said...

Adorable! Hope your back is better now.

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