Here kitty!

My newest embroidery pattern inspired by a furry friend of mine! Are you a cat person? I am for sure, which is not to say I'm not a dog person, I love dogs too :)

Stitch kitty is available in my Etsy shop as a PDF download for a very reasonable price. I hope you like him!

Thanks are in order to all those who prayed for me after I injured my back, I can now say it is steadily improving with care and exercise. How we take things for granted and don't appreciate the things we have until we lose them. Good health is such a blessing and I need to be more grateful.

Wishing you all the best for a happy and blessed week.


Gill - That British Woman said...

cute kitty cat, I am more of a dog person myself, as I am allergic to cats.

Back injuries are an annoying and painful thing to have, I know.

Gill in Canada

Therese said...

Gorgeous embroidery Kelly. I am a dog and cat person too. Our dog and cat are very good friends. I think one would be lost without the other. They often cuddle up together in winter.

I am so glad to hear your back is getting better.

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