Thursday, December 20, 2012


Things have changed for me this year in so many ways. All are positive (I hope) but not necessarily easier. I feel God has answered many of my prayers but in His way - not mine. He is leading me in a different direction to what my wordly self had envisioned. So, there has to be a letting go. Of dreams, perceived wants, hopes. And an embracing of His dreams, wants and hopes for me. It is not all about me. It can't be all about me. And if I think it is all about me then I am trapped in a vicious cycle that never ends and leads nowhere.

Thank you Heavenly Father for all you have shown me this year. For all your grace, love and constant attention. Thank you for giving me the strength to let go of useless things and to focus on the reality and purpose of my life.


baukje said...

Thank you kelly for this message. I think that's true for many of us!!
have a pieceful and warm Christmas

Linda said...

Kelly - how very true. It's been an incredible year for me too, in learning to trust God for all my needs, and learning to lean on Him in my trials, and trust that all will work out for good, even when all seems lost. I hopw we will all gain strength and wisdom from it; and be drawn closer to our Lord. God bless, Linda.