Can I officially call myself a knitter now?

A belated Merry Christmas! With all the festivities I didn't get a chance to do my usual Christmas post.
I've been knitting. A lot. And loving it!

This is my first knitting success story. Most arty/crafty stuff comes pretty naturally to me, but not knitting - I've had to really work at it. But finally it's paying off :)

The pattern is "Annie" by Tikki. The yarn is "luxury" in the colour lavender from Bendigo Woollen Mills.

I learned so much knitting this cardigan and the end result far surpasses what I thought I was capable of. Thanks be to God, my help and inspiration!

Isn't the daisy stitch just beautiful. This is what I love about Tikki patterns - they are quite simple in design but have these little "highlights" to make it special. Most of her patterns are knit on circular needles, which I also love.

This cardi used just over 1x 200g ball of yarn and the buttons were from my stash, which makes the total cost about $15 AUD, what a bargain! OK, lots and lots of hours but so little money.

I've already ordered yarn for my next cardigan, this time for my eldest daughter and I must admit I'm feeling quite impatient for it to arrive so I can get started, I'm so loving knitting right now!


Sue Elvis said...


The cardigan is beautiful! You are definitely a knitter.

I started a cardigan in the spring thinking I could take my time knitting it as there's a lot of time until the cold weather. I think I'd better get it out and continue knitting. Your success has inspired me.

God bless and Merry Christmas!

Nell said...

Great job Kel! You are most certainly a knitter! I love Bendigo wool - so cheap and great quality too.

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