Warm colours

The weather has turned wintery in Melbourne today and what a perfect time for the postman to bring good tidings with warm colours!

 All of these beautiful things were sent to me by Baukje as I was lucky enough to win her blog giveaway recently. There are some truly beautiful and very useful treasures in that parcel, thank you so much Baukje!
And another timely arrival on a day where I've largely been shut inside - my favourite embroidery magazine :)

I spent some time warming my fingers by rolling a hank of Nell's lovely wool into a ball in preparation for a little something.

I hope you find a happy craft to warm your fingers and your heart today. Until next time!


baukje said...

I am so glad you like the things I've sent you... And how about to pronounce my name. The 'au' in the middle has to be pronounced like the 'ou' in ground. So put the 'b' before and you also pronounce the k and j and the last e. There you are ....

Carrie Duvall said...

What a great win...such lovely items. I really like your magazine I may have to sign up for that one.

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