Working on....

Another Ottobre 301 finished as the cooler weather continues to approach. Aren't Crafty Mamas fabrics just so gorgeous?! (And for those of you who tell me you can't sew with knits I say "Oh yes you can!!"

I'm loving the embroidery that I've been working on at night. It's a printed vintage piece that my Mum in Law gave me years ago. The reason I didn't start it earlier is because it was partially worked already (with very beautiful but old threads). I couldn't decide what to do.

Initially I tried matching the existing threads, but being of vintage era there was no hope of an accurate match. So I regretfully made the decision to remove the old threads, which came out easily.

I have no regrets now, as the vibrant colours I'm now using are looking so gorgeous and the piece is a joy to stitch.

Today I've been working in the laundry (it's not what you think!!) dyeing some fabrics which I'll share when they're ready.

I'm really excited to have ordered some rolls (yes, rolls!) of silk ribbon from the U.S. as well as some new silk paints, so I eagerly await that parcel, I have lots and lots of plans.

I hope you have had a wonderfully blessed week!


Tanya said...

How cute is that knit? I an slowly becoming better friends with my overlooker...slowly! Embroidery also fantastic. My laundry wasn't as fun as yours!

Natalie said...

What a beautiful project. Thank you for sharing it. I have a tree like this from my Grandmother but haven't brought myself to work on it yet. You do inspire me. Maybe I will try my hand at it this summer.

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