Knitting is not my forte!

Wow, did I ever step outside my comfort zone when I decided to knit the Oriental Lily from Tikki.
My knitting capabilities have previously extended to dish cloths and a basic beanie and anything requiring a basic square! But I was determined I could do it.

I had multiple, multiple issues in knitting this - mistakes requiring me to start over, gaping holes, dropped stitches, my insufficient dye job that sticks out like a sore thumb......

But it's finished, and my darling daughter "LOVES IT!" and finds the cotton so comfortable and doesn't want to take it off. That part is good. Now I just have to get over the fact that it didn't turn out perfect and be grateful for the massive learning experience it's been. I also really enjoyed the process and am looking forward to knitting another Tikki pattern very soon.

I must say a great big thanks to all my Crafty Mamas friends who encouraged me to have a go and helped me sort out my various stuff ups. Also, thank you to the countless ladies who have taken the time to post videos on Youtube - without their help this project would be  shoved away somewhere, never to be completed!


Forest-Dweller said...

I really like this pattern...I love the colors you used as well. Is Tikki a book or a pattern on line? I would really like to know its just to sweet and she looks proud in her Mamas creation.

With All That I Am
Carrie "Forrest"

quilary said...

It looks really lovely. I don't see a dye problem, I see an artful graduation in colour...and the best compliment ever is that your daughter loves it!

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